AI-Powered Test Case Generation using AWS: A Vision for Optimizing Therabody's Mobile App Testing

Therabody's mobile app is central to this experience, offering features like device pairing, personalized recovery routines, and guided instructions.

Therabody's mobile app is central to this experience, offering features like device pairing, personalized recovery...


    In today's competitive health and wellness app market, user experience is paramount. Therabody's mobile app is central to this experience, offering features like device pairing, personalized recovery routines, and guided instructions. Traditionally, their QA team relied on manual test case creation, a time-consuming process that could limit test coverage and miss critical edge cases. This posed a risk of undetected bugs impacting the user experience.


    To address the challenges Therabody faced and potentially optimize their Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process, Tech Holding explored a promising solution leveraging AWS and AI to automate test case generation for Therabody's mobile app. This innovative approach, if implemented, could streamline the testing process, enhance test coverage, and ultimately deliver a more robust and dependable Therabody mobile app.


    • Reduced Manual Effort: Automating initial test case generation frees up Therabody's valuable QA resources for more strategic tasks like test analysis, refinement, and exploratory testing.
    • Improved Test Coverage: AI-powered test cases encompass a wider range of scenarios and edge cases specific to Therabody's app functionalities, leading to more thorough testing and reduced risk of bugs impacting user experience.
    • Enhanced Risk Prioritization: Machine learning prioritizes test cases based on historical data and potential impact, ensuring the QA team focuses on areas most likely to contain issues in the Therabody app.
    • Faster Time to Market: With a more efficient testing process, Therabody can deliver new features and updates to the app faster, improving user experience for their customers.

    Engagement (Referencing Therabody Portfolio Process Overhaul):

    This project builds upon our successful collaboration with Therabody on their portfolio process overhaul, detailed in the case study: By leveraging our expertise in both AWS and QA services, Tech Holding has become a trusted advisor to Therabody, helping them optimize their development processes across the board.


    Here's a detailed breakdown of the AI-powered test case generation solution which can be implemented using AWS:

    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Pipeline with AWS CodePipeline: We seamlessly integrated Therabody's development process with AWS CodePipeline. This service initiates a series of automated actions whenever there are code changes, ensuring test cases are constantly updated to reflect the latest codebase.

    • Data Collection and Storage (Amazon S3, AWS Lambda): Code changes are automatically extracted and securely stored in an Amazon S3 bucket using a Lambda function triggered by CodePipeline. This readily available data serves as the foundation for AI-powered test case generation.

    • User Story Processing with Amazon Comprehend: User stories outlining app functionalities are stored in a designated location. Another Lambda function within CodePipeline leverages Amazon Comprehend, a powerful natural language processing (NLP) service. This AI service analyzes user stories to extract key details about user actions, functionalities, and potential edge cases specific to Therabody's app.

    • Test Case Generation (Custom Script & Static Code Analysis Tool): We developed a custom Python script to generate test cases. This script utilizes the information extracted from user stories and the code changes stored in S3. Additionally, we integrated a static code analysis tool into the pipeline to identify potential areas for testing based on code modifications, further enriching the test case generation process for Therabody's specific codebase.

    • Test Case Prioritization and Optimization (Machine Learning Model & Amazon DynamoDB): In collaboration with data scientists, we trained a custom Machine Learning model using Amazon SageMaker. Historical testing data stored in a NoSQL database like Amazon DynamoDB was used to train the model. This data encompasses information about past bugs encountered, test case results, and code changes. The model learns to predict the likelihood of encountering bugs based on these factors. The generated test cases are then prioritized based on the predictions from the Machine Learning model. This allows Therabody's QA team to focus on areas with a higher risk of issues, optimizing the overall SQA process.

    Potential Outcomes

    By implementing this solution, Therabody could potentially experience significant benefits, such as:

    • Reduced time spent on manual test case creation

    • Increased test coverage, identifying more edge cases

    • Fewer bugs slipping through the cracks

    • Faster time to market for new app features and updates

    • A more robust and reliable Therabody mobile app


    This case study demonstrates how Tech Holding, as an AWS Partner, can leverage cutting-edge technologies to help clients optimize their development processes. By implementing an AI-powered test case generation solution on AWS (if implemented), Therabody could significantly improve their Software Quality Assurance.

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