Unity WebGL App - Patient Check-In / Questionnaire System

Tech Holding builds a patient check-in app to help catering clients in the medical industry service both patient and medical staff.

Tech Holding builds a patient check-in app to help catering clients in the medical industry service both patient...


    • Provide a digitized way of fetching patient information.
    • Runs on most of the web browsers.
    • Support animated avatars.
    • Customize the user interface and questions.


    • A Unity WebGL based application which could run on multiple browsers and support 3D animated avatars.
    • This workflow can access the REST API for data transactions.
    • Generate dynamic interfaces based on data received from REST API.


    • A WebGL based application that runs seamlessly across different browsers.
    • There is no javascript file which exposes the underlying business / app logic.
    • Unity workflow helps in creating scriptable & reusable components.
    • Supports 3D animated avatar and animations.
    • Module to mark pain areas on the human body and extract the image data to be sent to REST APIs.
    • Custom scene and component transitions.
    • Could be configured to receive inputs from a wide range of peripheral devices.
    • The same project and its assets could be reused to generate the app for mobile platforms without losing the looks, logic and implementations of concepts.
    • WebGL could be configured to have a bridge between unity and javascript to extend cohesiveness.
    • Runs on most of the mobile web browsers.
    • Post deployment any contextual changes to question or its options could easily be attained by simply modifying the Questionnaire JSON file

    Our Approach

    Our client in the service and catering business for doctors and patients wanted to extend the availability and reach to their customers around the clock. To this end, the app we built provided a digitized way of acquiring the patient information, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) based assistant with animated user interface and electronic medical record (EMR) to be shared with 3rd party tools. This required a digital interpretation of the typical Patient Intake Form, which could be accessed by the patient/user through any web browser. The app would capture user response by means of text i.e. yes/no option, multi-select options, images, etc. The app composes the information provided by the user in a serialized packet which is sent to any REST API Servers. The application is developed in such a way that it incorporates the clients' own AI Based Body Language Generator and a personalized Avatar Library. The modular components could independently communicate via the means of Custom Events making it more customizable and scalable. The UI components are composed as Prefabs, which form the building blocks of the user interface. They are grouped together to provide different components which adhere to different use cases. Moreover the prefab management helps customize as one change in the root component and will reflect it throughout the application. At the same time, it also has the capability to branch out from the original root implementation to provide scope for addressing complex behaviours. The Question Cards are generated dynamically, but they are not generated all at once. The Questionnaire JSON file specifies the list of questions, its type, and metadata. Thus giving the full access to customize the questions even after full deployment of the builds. There is no need to recompile the application. During runtime the Question Card is only generated if the user has accessed a particular question. This approach helps reduce the runtime memory usage. When the user is done answering all the questions and just before redirecting the user to the outro page, the answer JSON is composed and is ready to be sent over to any required REST endpoint. While Unity WebGL web export builds, the business logic and app logic is encapsulated ensuring it remains secure even though it runs on the client’s end. Javascript does not expose any part of the internal webgl mechanics. The final build file size is under 7MB, resulting in instant load times and smoother animations.


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