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Tech Holding provides a comprehensive suite of professional services designed to drive innovation, streamline operations, and enhance business efficiency across various domains. Our offerings span Data, Analytics & AI, Data Science, Cloud Services, Strategy Development, Technology Transformation, Product Engineering, Managed Services, and Staffing Solutions. Here’s how we can help transform your business:

Data, ML & AI

Unlock the potential of your data with our expert services:

  • Data Engineering: Build robust data pipelines that ensure data accuracy and accessibility.
  • Data Migration: Seamlessly transfer data across systems to enhance business operations.
  • Data Warehouse Solutions: Consolidate your data into a single, query-able repository optimized for reporting and analysis.
  • Machine Learning & AI: Implement predictive models and intelligent algorithms that turn data into actionable insights.
  • Generative AI (GenAI): Leverage cutting-edge AI to generate content, automate tasks, and innovate processes.
  • Data Science: Apply scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.
  • Data Mesh: Facilitate a decentralized approach to data management that enhances accessibility and accelerates innovation across your enterprise using Data Mesh.
  • Snowflake: Leverage our Services to harness the power of Snowflake, transforming your data into actionable insights with our expert certified Snowflake specialists.
  • Business Intelligence: Gain valuable business insights through data visualization tools and dashboards.

Cloud Services

Elevate your business with our cloud computing expertise in partnership with AWS and GCP.

  • Migration: Move your applications, data, and workloads to the cloud with minimal disruption.
  • Optimization: Fine-tune your cloud environment for enhanced performance and cost-efficiency.
  • Operations: Manage your cloud infrastructure to ensure smooth, continuous operations.
  • Serverless Solutions: Build and run applications without thinking about servers.
  • Re-Architecture: Transform your legacy applications to be more agile, scalable, and cloud-compatible.

Strategy & Review

Strategize for success with our comprehensive planning services:

  • Product Strategy: Define the roadmap and vision for your product to ensure market fit and growth.
  • Architecture Reviews: Assess your current technology architecture and identify improvements.
  • Infrastructure Assessment: Analyze and evaluate your existing cloud infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement, cost savings, and potential security risks.
  • Process Reengineering: Revamp your business processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology Transformation

Revolutionize your technology landscape:

  • App Modernization: Upgrade your legacy systems to newer, more efficient technologies.
  • Tech-stack Upgrade: Stay ahead of the curve by updating your tech stack to the latest standards.
  • Bluetooth/BLE Solutions: Implement secure, low-energy Bluetooth solutions to enable seamless device connectivity and real-time data sharing.
  • Geo-Location Services: Incorporate precise go-location technology to enhance app functionality with location-based features like real-time tracking and geo-fencing.

Product Engineering

Turn ideas into successful products:

  • From Concept to Launch: Develop your product from the ground up, focusing on scalability and user experience.
  • User Stories to Architecture and Implementation: Craft detailed plans and robust architectures followed by high-quality implementation.
  • Custom Native and Cross-Platform Mobile Applications: Design and develop cutting-edge mobile apps for Android and iOS or leverage frameworks like React Native and Flutter to deliver high-quality, cross-platform apps that reduce development time and costs.
  • Operation: Ensure your product operates flawlessly with ongoing support and maintenance.

QA Engineering

Ensure quality, from concept to delivery:

  • Diverse Testing Approaches: Employ a range of testing methodologies, including black-box, white-box and regression testing, to cover all facets of software quality and functionality.
  • Automated Testing Frameworks: Utilize bleeding-edge automated testing methodologies to rectify defects early in the development cycle, ensuring product robustness.
  • Effective Bug Tracking: Implement systematic bug reporting and tracking mechanisms to ensure all issues are identified, logged and addressed promptly and properly.
  • QA Documentation: Produce comprehensive test plans, cases and reports that clearly map out testing strategies and results for full transparency.

Managed Services

Keep your operations running without a hitch:

  • 24x7 Monitoring: Keep tabs on your applications and systems around the clock.
  • L1, L2 Support: Get first-class support and problem resolution.
  • Infrastructure Management: Ensure your IT infrastructure is always reliable and efficient.
  • Service Desk: Expert agents are available during specified hours to efficiently handle your calls and deliver top-tier support services.

Staffing Solution

Augment your teams with expert resources:

  • US-Based Team Members: Access highly skilled professionals located in the US.
  • Nearshore (Mexico) and Offshore (India) Staffing: Extend your team with cost-effective, skilled resources from our nearshore and offshore locations.

At Tech Holding, we are committed to helping our clients navigate their digital transformation journeys with ease and confidence. Whether you are looking to enhance your data capabilities, migrate to the cloud, reengineer your business processes, or simply extend your team with skilled professionals, we have the expertise and solutions to support your goals.

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