Services We Provide

Tech Holding has expertise in legacy systems and cutting edge solutions. Let us help you with your custom software needs to craft intuitive digital products for better human experience.

At Tech Holding, we specialize in the structural design of complex systems and services.

Our portfolio spans a breadth of technologies from open source (JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.) to Microsoft (.NET, C#, etc.), web development to native mobile applications (iOS, Android), and everything in between.

We have experts in cloud applications who can lead, advise, and utilize the major providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform).

Our Services Portfolio Includes


UX, Interviews, Research, Survey, Journey Map, Persona, Card Sorting, Flowcharts, Story Boards, Wireframes, Prototyping


UI, Branding, Art Direction, Product Library, Illustration, Interaction, Usability, A/B Test


Project / Product Management Strategy, Extreme Programming (XP), Agile Methodologies


Software Architecture, Serverless, Scalable, Cloud-Based Solutions, Configuration Management, DevOps


Native / Hybrid Mobile Apps, Web, SPAs, API Platforms, Highly Performant Frontends (SSR, CSR), PWAs, IoT Integrations and Solutions

Quality Assurance

Functional Testing, Test Automation, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Selenium Testing, Bug Tracking

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, NLP, Deep Learning, BI Tools, AR, VR

24/7 NOC

24x7x365 Infrastructure Monitoring, L1-L4 competencies, SLA driven services, High Availability, Disaster Recovery

SEO, Analytics and Tag Management

Keyword Research, Traffic Optimisation, Website Audit Report, Tag Implementation & Management, Traffic Analytics, Creative Reports, Content Optimisation


AWS Lambda Partners, API Gateway Partners, CloudFront, DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift


Tech Holding is excited to be developing a few independent startups within our own walls. While we are keeping it underground for now, we are very excited about it and plan to launch our first venture before the end of this year.

We specialize in the structural design of complex systems and services. Whether you’re wrangling a massive website or integrating touchpoints for mobile and multi-channel, we’ll work with you to define strategy and structure in sufficient detail for design and implementation.


We are an early-stage investment firm in Southern California that invests in talented entrepreneurs with exceptional technologies. We provide small seed funding to help companies craft their ideas and vision, guide the development of their technologies and implement solutions.

Along with funding, we provide development leadership, team mentoring, consulting services and networking opportunities to help grow and incubate these early-stage companies into established industry movers.


Tech Holding is a technology consulting firm focused on providing top quality professional services and industry insight with the goal of helping enterprises develop and implement their technology strategy. Our mission is to promote strategic initiatives around development operations.

Cloud provisioning, security and custom Agile development to deliver advisory services that increase the effectiveness of an IT organization during the development, testing and production phases of project delivery.

AWS Certified Team

Tech Holding Team is a AWS Certified & validates cloud expertise to help professionals highlight in-demand skills and organizations build effective, innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS.

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