Our Work

Our portfolio spans a breadth of technologies from open source to Microsoft (.NET, C# etc.), web development to native mobile applications (iOS, Android) and everything in between.

A Content Creation Platform for Talent and Advertisers.

Insperience - Enterprise Agile Project Management Case Study

Tech Holding creates a PMO office for Walmart's Insperience team to help streamline their VR platform development initiatives.

Westfield Line Pass

Tech Holding builds a line pass mobile experience to help retailers adhere to COVID guidelines.

Westfield Enterprise Portfolio Management

Tech Holding establishes best practices and structure for a PMO group at Westfield.

Therabody - Portfolio Process Overhaul

Tech Holding establishes a PMO group to bring organization Therabody's start up environment

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. partners with Tech Holding to create a platform that consolidates and promotes global markets as a single brand.

Wizarding World Unity App Integration

Tech Holding builds an immersive, cross-platform Sorting Hat experience for Wizarding World using Unity 3D.

USC Keck School of Medicine “Find a Provider” Search Flow

Tech Holding rebuilds the USC Keck Medicine 'Find a Provider' search flow and provider data API layer.

Fender-React Native Shared Code

Fender partners with Tech Holding to build a personalized user experience for their flagship product, Fender Play, using React Native shared code.

Happiness Factory

Happiness Factory is an app we came up with to do a little good for the world. It came to us after reading a book by Mo Gawdat called Solve for Happy. It was very apparent to us that in order to be happy one has to be surrounded with a group of people who are happy and has to take positive actions daily to get to this happy state. Thus Happiness Factory was born.


Our team is responsible for all URW mall digital offerings. We build, enhance and maintain the digital site, mobile applications (available on iOS and Android), Digital Directories and Smart Parking. We also provide 24/7 NOC support.

Wizarding World Passport w/ Favorites

Tech Holding helps Wizarding World build a new online home, combining old content previously published on Pottermore.com with new, paid premium content and a completely refactored backend architecture.

Fender Gatsby

Tech Holding migrates Fender web and mobile content from an outdated Ember framework to a new React-based solution.

Wizarding World Web

Tech Holding helps Wizarding World build a new online home, combining old content previously published on Pottermore.com with new, paid premium content and a completely refactored backend architecture.


We have a passion for wine, and our goal is to help our members discover the fantastic world of wine. Vimal and Azat met 13 years ago while being computer nerds at a software company. We knew we could apply this to the wine world to help our friends and family find new wines they would love.

Unity WebGL App - Patient Check-In / Questionnaire System

Tech Holding builds a patient check-in app to help catering clients in the medical industry service both patient and medical staff.

Store Match

StoreMatch is an innovative startup from Australia. It puts the retail leasing marketplace at your fingertips. In May 2016, we initiated an architectural and product review of their platform, then scaled their system. We spearheaded their expansion to the US market and continue to provide services for the entire development pipeline.

NFTs and digital currency combined

When it comes to uniting cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens, both markets of which are quite unstable, the development team has to face regular changes to the current goal of the development.

Audio Streaming and Ingestion Pipeline

We were given a task to create an audio-streaming platform. This included ingesting audio files in various formats from differing sources.

Implementing Recommendation Engine using AWS services

Therabody, a cutting-edge wellness technology company, aims to increase user engagement with their mobile apps via personalized recommendations for their users.

AWS Certified Team

Tech Holding Team is a AWS Certified & validates cloud expertise to help professionals highlight in-demand skills and organizations build effective, innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS.

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